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Empowering women (and celebrating real men) as we Inspire, Stimulate, and Motivate each other.

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ISM is a journey of empowerment for women.
Join our conversations and share your views, news and moves.

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Let's Talk About It!

Bring your Truth and Authenticity
to support, uplift, strengthen and empower each other.

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Our conversations are about anything, everything and sometimes, about nothing in particular.It's the ISM.

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Our conversations provide opportunities to network successfully with the community and find your ISM.

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Our conversations allow you to share experiences that can teach others. Vent, be outraged, give and take wisdom.

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Our conversations help support each other, just like the shoulder of a friend would. Our ISM is also your ISM.

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It is about the celebration of our differences and of our sameness. Every encounter with every person is a teaching moment that equips us with the tools to successfully navigate this journey of Life. Everyone is your teacher and you are a teacher to everyone.

We find our ISM in each other, in the things that affects us, in the lessons we learn from love, pain, frustrations, victories. On the way, we teach, we learn, we rant, we rave, we vent, we laugh, we celebrate. My ISM is Your ISM.

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We are interested in those aspects of
life that affect our well-being.

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